Friday, July 8, 2016

Student collaborative Chalk Drawings

Many moons ago, I was involved with a group of other art students to help promote our school, via a collaborative chalk drawing at the annual Chalk Festival in Pasadena, California. The year that we did this, Tibetan Buddhist monks were involved in creating some sand paintings a mere few feet away from us. It was inspiring to watch them. They took 2 full days of hard labor and dedication creating this exquisitely intricate mantra sand drawings on these wooden boards. And on Sunday, when the event was at it's closing, the monks humbly swept the sand away into some containers, putting all the hours of dedication and hard labor to an end. They were creators and destroyers of their work. What a powerful and humble position to place themselves in. Our drawings, too, were washed down that same night by a large street-cleaning machine. However, we played no role in our drawing's demise. Someone else did it for us. My contribution was the little girl on the bottom right, peeling away a sunny sunflower. How humbling and how liberating...

Student work: Portraits from around 1997

These were all done with graphite pencil and charcoal pencil on paper...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

TBT: Figurative Drawing from 2000

This is a drawing of a wonderful model named Joya. I did this when I was still learning....I'm still currently and always learning...


TBT: Some work from the "way back" files....

From 1990-1991.....

From 1995.....

Digging/Looking Back: Head Drawing Master Copies from the way back files (1997)

These are drawings done before I went to study full-time at college.
Albrecht Durer:

Francesco Borghnisi

Hans Holbein

Jean Fouquet

Matthias Grunewald

Peter Paul Rubens

Francisco Goya

Kaethe Kollwitz

Egon Scheile