Thursday, May 19, 2016

Metro Expo Line opens all the way to Santa Monica starting tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow, you can take the Expo light rail from Downtown Los Angeles all the way to Santa Monica and on the way over there, you can stop at the Western/Expo station and see the mosaic panels I designed back in 2011, if you haven't seen them yet. There are panels on both the westward bound station and the eastern bound station and they are all different. 16 different ones, 24 in total, 4 of them are doubled up. 
East platform.
Original artwork.

Hey! I know that guy!
Original artwork.

Detail of mosaics...

Gateway Entrance Panel to East Platform

D Lab Tour with Heidi Zeller in January 2013....

that's me leading the awe-inspired crowds....

continuing to lead.....

and some more original artwork.

Here's a link to an a post from 2012 when the Expo line opened to Culver City.

the drawing pad link

and more photos...

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